About Golden Arowana

An established leader in the flooring industry, Golden Arowana specializes in the design, production, and distribution of hard surface flooring collections. From the latest HDPC® Rigid Core Vinyl to Engineered Hardwood and Strand Bamboo, Golden Arowana strives to remain at the forefront of flooring technology and design.

Family owned, Golden Arowana’s state-of-the-art and energy saving manufacturing facility is committed to achieving the ultimate in quality and innovation. With a 12 million sq. ft. monthly production output, flooring is produced to exacting standards and precision tolerances. Meticulous attention to detail yields floors of unique style and distinction that are guaranteed to perform, year-after-year.

From sourcing sustainable and renewable forestry products or promoting healthy indoor air quality, Golden Arowana believes in the green movement to preserve and improve the environment for future generations. A decades-long leader in the production of eco-friendly and rapidly renewable bamboo products, Golden Arowana supported the adoption of stringent guidelines lowering the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

Today, with a host of waterproof vinyl and waterproof engineered flooring options, Golden Arowana continues to. Composite flooring cores feature a propriety blend of virgin PVC, calcium carbonate and plasticizer additives.

Breathe easy. Floors from Golden Arowana are non-toxic and backed by the coveted Greenguard® Gold Certification and sourced from the finest recyclable PVC materials. Golden Arowana embraces the latest water and energy saving technology, emission reduction and recycling programs.

At Golden Arowana, research and development provide the key to future innovation. With that, Golden Arowana continues to push the flooring industry forward, harnessing leading edge technologies and creative design concepts to bring you floors of unique style and distinction.

Stunning visuals are brought to life. HDPC® is available in a variety of wear layers, including virgin vinyl (PVC), Waterproof Hardwood and Waterproof Natural Bamboo veneers. Add to that, Golden Arowana’s NEW HardMax® Nano Finish Technology and you have floors that are tough enough for commercial and institutional use, or active families like yours.

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